Humanist Small Group Ministry

Facilitator: Karl Norton 947-7248

In this group, we have no specific religious doctrines as guide-lines. Group members may or may not believe in God. They may or may not belong to any of the traditional religions based on a belief in God. In this group, we will hopefully make connections with each other based on Unitarian Universalist principles of the essential worth and dignity of each person. Of special interest are discussions on some of the great issues facing the human race and each one of us: how to get along better with each other, how to understand others better, how to bring more love and justice into the world, and how to preserve what is good in ourselves and in nature. Let it be emphasized, however, that it is for the group to decide what topics to discuss and what they most desire in their meetings. In any case, we hope to achieve closer friendships with each other and a greater sense of belonging to this church community. We currently meet at 7:15 PM on the third Thursday of each month.

Humanist Affinity Group: Meets in a member's Bangor home every third Thursday except July and August.  Meeting starts at 7:15p.m.  For more information contact Karl Norton ( 947-7248 - please leave a message if no answer).