Sermon Topics This Month:

February 4

The Foundation of Beloved Community

Rev. Andrew Moeller

Our UU congregations are connected to one another through an organizational structure based on intentional commitment to one another through mutual respect and autonomy.  This Sunday, we will look at the basis of that connection through the concept of covenant and how that concept plays a role in our internal life here in our beloved community.

February 11

Our Growing Edge: Cultivating Our Spiritual Garden

Rev. Andrew Moeller

This Sunday, we kick off our annual Financial Stewardship appeal.  We will be exploring our growing edges as a congregation and celebrating our commitment to one another through sharing song, story, and a skit. 

February 18

A Focus on Courage During a Frightening Time

Rev. Charles Stevens, Guest in the Pulpit

February 25

Rabbi Darah Lerner of the Congregation Beth El, Guest in the Pulpit