4th & 5th Grade

Our 4th and 5th grade group will be working on discovering their own power, and how it can help them become leaders, in the Tapestry of Faith curriuculum Sing to the Power (http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children/sing)  

Sing to the Power uses a metaphor of the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—as a framework to explore different forms of power:

earth.pngThe program begins with a unit on earth and the kinds of power associated with it: Connection, Roots, Growth, and Place.

air.pngThe second unit features kinds of power associated with air: Stillness, Presence, Silence, and Listening.


fire.pngThe third unit centers on the powers of fire: Shine, Passion, Action, Reaching Out.


water.pngThe program concludes with three powers of water: Flexibility, Persistence, and Gathering.The final session honors all of the elements' power to Transform.