Welcome to Religious Education at UUSB!

Each week from September through May, our community supports a growing and thriving Religious Education program. From the nursery through the teen groups, our youth are involved in learning, growing and sharing together. Our entire Faith Community begins their time together in our Sanctuary. After the Story for All Ages, the children leave together with their teachers to attend their Religious Education classes in our beautiful RE Wing.

We have set up our classroom structure into age appropriate groups, including Nursery-PreK, K-1st Grade, 2-3rd Grade, 4-5th Grade, 6-8th Grade, and Youth Group.

We appreciate that our church community is so involved in the many aspects of our RE Program. Because of their initiative, we have an extensive volunteer teaching staff made up of both parents and non-parents from our UUSB community. This fantastic team of teachers allows us to sustain a high level of energy throughout our Religious Education Programming.

Our teachers work in teams to deliver an interactive curricula that explores our 7 Principles which are, in our kid friendly version:love_radically.jpg

1: Each person is important.
2: Be kind in all you do.
3: We're free to learn together.   
4: We search for what is true.
5: All people need a voice.
6: Build a fair and peaceful world.
7: We care for Earth's lifeboat.




Youth Chapels

We have several Youth Chapels throughout our church year. Apple Chapel, in the Fall, is a exciting chapel experience which encourages our youth to enjoy a multi-faceted autumn experience. We often have a Labyrinth themed Meditation Chapel in the midst of Winter, bringing light to our darkest time of the year. In the Spring, we have a SpringTime themed chapel, that includes a variety of culturally significant customs that celebrate the coming warmth. This interactive experience provides our youth with the opportunity to listen to stories, share ideas, sing songs, make things, and participate fully in their community.

RE Activities

halloween2.pngWe enjoy each other’s company with a variety of fun-filled activities throughout the year. Coming together to experience our relationships for extended periods of time in different ways, allows our community to grow and expand in new and refreshing ways.



Yearly Activites Include:

  • Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast in holi-powder.pngmid-September
  • Halloween Party the weekend before Halloween
  • Family Wreath Decorating and a Cookie Bake in December
  • Pool Party in March
  • MidCoast Regional T’ween Sleep Over in April
  • RE Sunday programming at the end of May


Summer Camps:
Over the Summer months we offer a Summer Day Camp for grades K-6th grade. We offer a variety of camp counselor positions to our older youth. This day camp further cements our greater RE Community by offering our youth a full week of fun, adventure, and relationship building throughout our various age groups.


The UUSB RE Community strives to be an ever-evolving community, adding variety to our programming and expanding our horizons though new ideas. In lieu of a Religious Education Committee, we have a Religious Education Action League (R.E.A.L.) that works within our department to provide visioning and feedback, as well as be the extra helping hands needed for some of our larger projects and events.

We invite all parents to be involved in some aspect of the program. Please call or email Karen Childs, DRE  to find out how you can help sustain our RE community!karen.png

In comm-UU-nity,


Karen Childs, Director of Religious Education

Come Join Us!