Taoist Small Group Ministry

Facilitator: Paul Grosswiler

The Taoism Circle follows the path of this faith journey through shared exploration of its philosophical foundations and spiritual practices. We seek to discover ways that Taoism can help foster our spiritual growth as Unitarian Universalists. We provide time to share quietism and meditation, ceremony and ritual, incense and candles, reflection and reading. Taoism naturally embraces many Unitarian Universalist principles. The Tao-call it nature, the universe, or the Way-is Unitarian. The Tao also is Universalist. Everyone is part of the Tao and the Tao is within everyone. Taoism proceeds from a basic trust in the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
This ancient Chinese faith has no divine figurehead, no creed and no sacred text. Taoism is based on the inherent worth and dignity of every person and all of nature, as well as acceptance of who we are. Our relationship to the Tao cannot be anything but a free and individual search for truth and meaning. There is no set prescription for following Taoism.
Placing the human between heaven and earth, Taoism focuses on human action in the here and now. Taoism's goal is to grow in harmony with the divine. Taoism also celebrates the Tao's female yin energy, which over-comes yang strength. In politics, Taoism always champions the cause of the weak against the powerful as it promotes justice, equity, peace, liberty and compassion.
The Taoism Circle is dedicated to shared leadership and relies on individual inspiration as we explore this quietist spiritual path of harmony and balance in an atmosphere of mutual caring, trust and creativity.