Strategic Plan 2012

UUSB Strategic Plan 2012-2017


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UUSB is a welcoming, progressive, spiritual community promoting peace, justice, love, and caring.
The mission of UUSB is to:
  • Represent diverse theological perspectives, supporting our own and others’ search for truth and meaning by:
  • Creating a sense of belonging among generations, genders, sexualorientations, abilities, and other aspects of personal diversity;
  • Offering a variety of worship topics and practices; Celebrating diverse religious traditions;
  • Offering ongoing faith development opportunities for all ages through shared ministry.
Nurture our spiritual community by engagingin:
  • Creating a sense of place and belonging;
  • Connecting across, among, and within generation;
  • Extending radical hospitality to all;
  • Giving generously of our time, financial resources, and talents.

Reach out to and partner with the larger community using our liberal voice to act in service of:

  • Personal justice (accessibility, freedom from discrimination);
  • Social justice (immigration, racism, worker rights, healthcare, women’s rights);
  • Economic justice (foodsecurity, living wage, homelessness);
  • Environmental justice (climate change, toxic substances, sustainability)

Our vision and mission statements are grounded invalues that are expressed in our seven principles.