It takes a village to run a church! We appreciate all of our hardworking volunteers and staff that make UUSB the wonderful community that it is. If you need to get in contact with a Staff Member, a Member of Council, or a Community Group you will find their info on this page.

2017-18 Council:hands.png

Eric Olson, Chair

Chris Packard, Vice Chair

Rosemary Parsons, Treasurer

Sarah Thornton, Clerk

Ted Pierson, Robin Wood, Gayle Zydleweski, Catherine Foxson, Cary Jensen, Rebecca Anderson

Pledge Collector:
Ann Hartman -




revdrew.pngMinister: Andrew Moeller

The Reverend Andrew Moeller is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister serving the UUSB congregation as its full time minister. Previously to serving in Bangor, he was a halftime contract minister for the Unitarian Universalist Society of Laconia, NH, as well as serving the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia as a per diem chaplain.  He is a life long Unitarian Universalist who has served in a professional ministerial position since 2011.  Email Rev Drew


karen.png Director Rel Edu: Karen Childs
Karen joined our staff in 2013. She balances hard work with making merriment. She is passionate about building community and whether noodling on her uke or enjoying a cup of dark roast you'll find that there is always room for one more at her fire.


Email Karen



susanv.pngAdmin Assistant: Susan Vernal
Susan joined our staff in 2001. She often jokes she arrived her first day on the job as a new photocopier was being delivered… two new fixtures in one day for the UUSB office!
She loves lists and craves organization, along with a voluntarily simplistic lifestyle for which a home life with dogs, cats, and a special-needs child demands.
Her interests are varied and include genealogy, history, foreign languages, home improvement projects—to name just a few. She enjoys movie classics and British comedies. Long ago, she was an elementary school teacher. Email Susan



musicpiano.pngMusic Director:
We are in the process of searching for a Music Director. Please contact the church office for more information.






Archives/Heritage: Each Wednesday 10AM, in the Archives Area. Contact: Cindy Todd

AUW Guild: Luncheon on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 11:30 AM, DM Hall. Contact: Balenda Ganem

Budget & Finance:  2nd Friday of each month - 11 AM in the church office. Contact:  Rosemary Parsons

Buildings and Grounds: 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7 PM in the church office.  Contact:  Bob Kelly

ChoirRehearsals are held on Thursdays at 5:30 PM in the Sanctuary. Contact: Nancy Lewis, Music Director

Council: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 6:30 PM in Church Office. Contact: Eric Olson, Council Chair

Drumming Circle: 1st Sundays 11:30-1pm, 3rd Mondays 6-7PM Sanctuary. Contact Laurie Cartier or LyAnn Grogan

Earth Centered Small Group: meeting time and location varies. Contact: Catherine Foxson or Brenda Bywater

Executive Committee of Council: 2nd Thursday of each month, 7:15PM in the RE Wing. Contact: Eric Olson, Council Chair.

Food Security: Gleaning for the Ecumenical Food Cupboard. Contact: Charlie Boothby

Green Sanctuary: on hiatus

Humanist Affinity Group: Meets in a member's Bangor home every third Thursday except July and August.  Meeting starts at 7:15p.m.  For more information contact Karl Norton (please leave a message if no answer).

Knitting Circle/Class: Meets every other Friday, DM Hall, 12:30 PM Contact:  Marj Lawrence

Marketing Committee: Meets various times, every other month. Contact: Karen Cashman or Laurie Cartier

Meditation Group:  1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30 PM (formally Buddhist Affinity Group)

Membership/Fellowship:  2nd Wednesday each month,
6:30- 8:30PM Contact: Sarah Thornton

Pastoral Care: Meets 1st Saturday of the month, 9:30AM,
DM Hall. Contact: Gail Bickford or Phyllis Havens

Religious Education Action League: Meets one Sunday per month, 8:30-9:45AM. Contact: Connie McVey, Chair

Shawl Ministry: Every other month on the 1st Wednesday, DM Hall, 6:30 to 8:30PM. Contact: Cathy Elliott

Social Justice: 3rd Sunday, 11:30AM, RE Wing. 
Contact: Suzanne Kelly

Soup Kitchen Team: 1st Monday of the month at the Salvation Army at 10AM. Contact: Marj Lawrence

Stewardship Committee: Contact Sue McKay, Stewardship Committee Chair.

Taoism Affinity Group: Meeting times vary.
Contact: Paul Grosswiler

Trustees Meetings: Meeting times and locations vary. Contact: Patti Wolley or Glenn Rampe (General Endowment) or Diane McClellan (Hersey Bequest).

Website: Contact: Karen Childs or Laurie Cartier

Worship Associates Committee: 4th Wednesday of the month, 7 PM, in the Minister’s office. Contact:  Phyllis Havens